Energetic personality action

Energetic personality action.

Energetic (Japanese: げんき Genki; "Cheerful") is a personality in Miitopia, giving the Mii several energy-based quirks.


Quirk name Description Activation rate First time picture
Charge The Mii charges and deals 1.3x more damage, however they end up tripping and inflicting 2 points of damage to him/herself. 10%
Energetic quirk charge
Cheer The Mii cheers for another Mii whose MP is very low, giving them some MP back and boosting their relationship meter. Works once per Energetic Mii per battle. 30%
Energetic quirk cheer
Hang On The Mii, after taking fatal damage, gets back up to fight again with 1 HP remaining. 50%
HNI 0023-0
HNI 0024-0

Outside battle

  • Energetic Miis will drink a bottle of "water" with no interruption from the player during the "drink" event. This also happens if they happen to find a bottle containing unknown liquid (unless they say it smells funny).
  • Energetic Miis' idle animation is a lot more bouncy compared to other personalities'.