The Otherworld (Japanese: 魔空間 Makuukan; Evil Space) is the final major location in Miitopia that the player visits. It is the home of the Darker Lord.


  • Confront the Darker Lord.
  • Quests may appear here in Otherworld. These quests take place either in the Darker Lord's Annex or another temporary dungeon, also called Otherworld.



  • Despite being described as a place no normal Mii could visit, Inns still exist in this world.
    • One theory is that it is the work of the 'deity of well-placed inns,' mentioned at the beginning of the game and not explained upon otherwise.
  • The Otherworld has a place where players can discover up to three Very Rare Snurps and two Rare Snurps, making it the ideal spot to farm for experience.
  • Otherworld has the lowest amount of required stages, at three stages and a boss.
  • Otherworld is one of the places including a treasure vault. Other places include Neksdor and Karkaton. Said treasure vault is located on one of the floating rock platforms accessed via an invisible path.
  • In one of the stages in the Otherworld, there is a banana hunt path. The player can get up to 3 HP Bananas every time they go through it.
  • Aside from the first four worlds, Otherworld and the Sky Scraper are the only two worlds to be connected.
  • If one reverses the map and/or title music for the Otherworld, players discover that it's pretty relaxing for a final world.


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