Miitopia Job - Scientist

"Applies the power of science and technology to aid you in battle."
-Job Description

Scientist Description

【Miitopia】 - Scientist Play Demo

【Miitopia】 - Scientist Play Demo

The Scientist (Japanese: かがくしゃ kagakusha; Scientist) is a Job in Miitopia that focuses on area-of-effect attacks and supporting allies.

Their weapon of choice is the Flask.

Their clothing is called Lab Gear.

The Scientist is able to use skills to hit multiple enemies, while helping allies by giving them attack buffs, HP drain attacks, and even status effect immunity.

The Scientist's default attack is single target only.

The Scientist's name in one of the trailers is "Adam".


Lv. 1 Lv. 50 Lv. 50, best equipment,

& max food buffs

HP 10 208 307
MP 8 164 263
Attack 8 71 356
Magic 7 185 449
Defense 5 67 323
Speed 11 108 207


Skill Learned MP Cost Description Extra Notes
Glitch Lv. 2 5 "Cause a critical error in one enemy's data, dealing damage. (magic)" A basic magic attack.
Ignite Lv. 5 6 "Add dubious chemicals to a friend's weapon to widen attack range. (auto)" Can activate if an ally uses the default attack, and causes it to also hit enemies on either side of the original target, although it will do less damage on either side. Does not activate on classes that hit all enemies.
Unstable Formula Lv. 7 15 "A deadly concoction that deals great damage to all enemies. (magic)"
Safety Mask Lv. 11 8 "Cover a teammate's face with a mask to prevent status ailments. (auto)" Blocks a status effect for the user or an ally. If used on an ally it will raise their friendship gauge. (however the user won't be protected from the status effect if used on an ally)
Cure.exe Lv. 14 10 "Restore a friend's HP and MP with scientific wizardry. (magic)" With a high enough magic stat, the user can use this on themselves for a net gain of MP.
Absorb Lv. 17 10 "Restore a friends HP when they take damage. (auto)" Can activate when a ally is about to use a regular attack. Will cause the ally's attack to heal that ally by the same amount of damage they did. Will not activate for jobs whose regular attacks hits all enemies.
Volatile Formula Lv. 24 28 "A deadly compound that hits all enemies when exposed to air. (magic)"
Black Hole Lv. 30 40 "Generate a mini black hole to deal great damage to all enemies. (magic)"